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What is ROHP?

ROHP (Regents' Overnight Host Program) is a program put on by the Regents' and Chancellor's Scholars Association (RCSA) at the University of California, Berkeley. Every year, the ROHP committee works to put on multiple overnight host visits for prospective Regents' Scholar interviewees. Prospective scholars have the opportunity to:

  • Visit - Tour the beautiful Berkeley campus
  • Overnight - Stay overnight in the dormitories with a current scholar
  • Discover - Explore one of the nation's best college towns

ROHP is an excellent program that plays a crucial role in many students' decisions to enroll at UC Berkeley. We hope that you will consider joining us at one of our Spring dates.

Meet the committee

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How to register

To register for ROHP, you must have been invited for a Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship interview. After you apply, we will cross-check your name with a list. You must submit both the liability and medical waivers, and register yourself on eventbrite. Failure to complete the waivers will result in rejection from ROHP. Please note that March 3 is only for out-of-state scholarship candidates, and April 15 will be opened after scholarship decisions are released.


Register below on the EventBrite for a ROHP date. Out-of-state scholars do not have to register.


Click on the above icon to obtain the waivers necessary for attendance. E-mail BOTH waivers to AND Out-of-state scholars must also fill this out!


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This event's t-shirts are provided by , a student group at Berkeley.

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